Truth and Dare Workbook

The Truth And Dare program is an interactive workbook filled with thought provoking Truths and experiential Dares which help the student Create themselves as the person they are meant, and want, to BE. The workbook consists of 10 chapters. Each chapter focuses on a particular virtue or quality. The virtues of honesty, respect, generosity, acceptance, appreciation, optimism, encouragement, loyalty, Self-Love, and authenticity are the main focus of the program.
For each virtue, the students will be presented 6 dares which they actually take part in creating by answering a series of empowering coaching questions. Each dare is designed exactly the same and uses a simple 3 part process (each part is equal to one page). The first part is the Truth page, and its goal is to raise the students’ awareness around a specific Truth about that chapter’s virtue. The second part is the Dare creation page, and it allows the student to create a dare that will help them to experience the benefits of that specific Truth. For all 6 dares, both the Truth page and the Dare creation page will be in the front of the chapter. The third part is the Reflection page, and it is where the student will reflect on and record their accomplished dares. These pages are in the back of each chapter along with a chapter review and a few pages for notes.
The exercises within the Truth And Dare program empowers students to:
  • Be the main character in their life instead of being an ‘extra’ in someone else’s.
  • Acknowledge the choices they have in everyday situations and emphasize the impact that these choices have on both their character and their life.
  • Use the tools and strategies from the workbook to make choices that are beneficial to them and which best represent the person they want to be.
  • Challenges them to see themselves as the creator of their world instead of a victim of their circumstances.
  • Value and seek their own acceptance above the acceptance of others,
  • Create virtuous habits that best represent the person they want to be,
  • Overcome obstacles by seeing them as opportunities to grow and learn,
  • Encourage and influence others by being a positive influence in their lives,
  • Experience the benefits of high Self Esteem and a solid sense of Self Worth.
***There are many way in which the program can be implemented within a classroom. The workbook works the best, but the E-book can be just as effective if used properly.

Truth And Dare Radar Assessment Test

Sample Dares From Workbook

Please click here to download a sample of dares from the Truth And Dare Workbook.

Sample Pages


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