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I am Wendy Lynn, creator of the Truth And Dare program. Believing that the many struggles children and adults deal with externally are actually a direct result of internal battles, I set out to create a program that not only exposes the Truth of Who we Are and Who we want to be, but also Dares us to find the courage to be that person.  Living my life hiding behind the many masks I had created, in hopes of being accepted and loved by ‘others,’ left me feeling insecure and unaware of the Who I really AM. It was easier to conform into who others wanted or expected me to be than to risk just being myself. Or so I thought!Eventually, I came to understand that being aware of Who I AM and developing the courage to be Me is not only the best way to live, but it’s also the easiest. ThisTruth began my journey to Live a Life from the Inside – out. My Dare , was to create the Who I AM through experiencing the Self Awareness, Self Acceptance, and Self Love I both desired and deserved. My intention for the Truth And Dare program is to create experiences which reveal the power each and every one of us have to Create the Who we Are instead of allowing others to determine what we become. I invite you to take the Truth And Dare Journey.

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Unlike the many programs, currently being used in schools around the world today, which aim to raise a child’s awareness into the disadvantages of drugs, alcohol, gangs, and bullying, Truth And Dare focuses on raising our children’s awareness into the benefits of virtuous thinking, attitudes, and behaviors.  This empowering program reveals the power each and every one of us have to Create Who We Are instead of allowing others to determine what we become.  As the subtitle of the book explains, Truth And Dare is A
Journey of Creating and Daring to BE… Who You Really Are.
  However, to be who you really are requires two very important, yet necessary, steps.


The first step is to acknowledge the Truth – that who we are is a choice.  By exposing our children to benefits of being virtuous and the disadvantages of opposing vices, they acknowledge their ability to decide, define, and create Who They Are through the choices they make.  Truth And Dare teaches that we are not a victim of our world, but the creator of it.  The program helps children to see how their thinking, attitudes, and behaviors directly affect their lives and encourages them to make the choices which will best represent the person they want to be and create the results they desire.  The second step is the application of the Truth – Dare.  By using experiential challenges and thought-provoking exercises specifically designed to reveal the benefits of being virtuous, the program empowers our children to establish habits that help them reach their full potential in life.  Truth And Dare teaches that applying what we know – the Truth – to what we do – Dare – is how we accomplish Being Who We Really Are.

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