Motivational Speaking Events

Motivational half-day seminar (up to 4 hours)

Truth And Dare empowerment team comes to your school or assembly with a presentation that is both motivational and educational.  Based off of the Truth And Dare program (A Journey of Creating and Daring to Be… Who You Really Are), this event is filled with enlightening Truths and Daring challenges/exercises designed to not only motivate the individuals attending to create Who They Are instead of letting others determine what they become, but also shows them HOW!

The Presentation:

Encourages you to be the main character in your life instead of being an ‘extra’ in someone else’s.Exposes the choices you have in everyday situations and emphasize the impact that these choices have on both your character and your life.Provides you with tools and strategies for making choices that are beneficial to you and best represent the person you want to be.Challenges you to see yourself as the creator of your world instead of a victim of your circumstances.Empowers you with the self-esteem, self-love, and self-respect you need to live the life you desire and deserve!
Empowerment 2-day seminar plus implementation instructional for teachers/administrators

This includes the motivational half-day seminar described above plus an additional 3 hour implementation instructional workshop for teachers/administrators on the following day.

3-day intensive workshop

An enlightening and life changing workshop that allows the teen to go through 75% of the material in the Truth And Dare Empowerment Coaching Program in a period of three days.

Empowerment Coaching

One-on-one Teen Empowerment Coaching services are done in a 45 minute phone call once a week

A 3 month commitment is required

Online Classes

12-week online courses w/weekly teleclasses
An interactive and highly experiential online class with weekly assignments and teleclasses so the teen can go through the entire program with peers, other teens, and the support of the program creator.

Interactive calls and break-out sessions.  Questions and answers at the end of each call last for 10 minutes


Motivational Assemblies
3-Day Intensive Workshops
2-Day Seminar
Teacher’s Implementation Instructional
Monthly Memberships
12-week online courses
Personal one-on one Teen Coaching


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