About Truth and Dare

The Truth And Dare Empowerment Coaching Program is an intensive and interactive workbook filled with thought-provoking Truths and Experiential Dares which help the reader to Create themselves as the person they are meant, and want, to BE!  The program not only motivates the reader to create Who They Are instead of letting others determine what they become, but also shows them HOW!


To learn more about the Truth And Dare program and how it is different from the game of truth or dare.


To learn more about the program, how it works, and what it can do for the teens in your life.


Truth And Dare is Creating Changes… where it Counts, by helping teens Live their Life from the Inside-out!

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In an attempt to avoid conflict and gain the acceptance or approval of others, people often become experts at pretending to be someone they are not! Having a 'disease to please' is like playing an extra in someone else's life instead of Being the leading role in your own. Truth is, your authentic Self is far more important and valuable than anyone you may pretend to be to please others. Be, and Love, Yourself first - then you can help others without compromising Who You Are. Life and Love never asks for martyrs or sacrifices. ... See MoreSee Less

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